Book Review – You never know

Reveiw –

“You Never Know” by Akash Verma revolves around the lives of Dhruv, Shalini and Anuradha. It is the story of many who inspite of a blissful married life somewhere down the years fall for the charms of another.Dhruv is the protagonist of the story who works at a company named C&M, his wife Shalini is a psychiatrist & they have 2 kids- Kabir & Siya. As their life was going smoothly Dhruv gets a good news that he is soon to be promoted. Just before the news broke out a new employee Anuradha joins the company in the creative team & unintentionally Dhruv starts to fancy her which is puzzles him from the start . It is more like a Bollywood masala movie with very good characterisation.The romantic thriller is a fast paced, quick read which also has some twists to offer.
“You Never Know” by Akash Verma is a quick and one time read.The bold red cover is enough to attract any reader towards it . Also the title is very apt and goes very well with the story .The story or the plot has nothing very new to offer.The blurb is so enticing that you cannot resist reading the book.The book is fast paced and the language is lucid. The element of suspense will make the reader hook to the story till the end. The characterisation is done very well. The narration is also good. The one after the other events will hook you to the book till the end.


Book Review – Madhumati

Review –

A story is in the form of Poetics style. Very creative step taken by the writer. I’m also a poet and this book is biggest treat for me. It’s a good and engaging read. Really a mesmerizing book. I just couldn’t keep it aside.

Hole story revolves around the young and charming girl madhumati. Madhumati is not alone in this journey, she is blessed with sisters. In pre-colonial India, a land of empires ruled by the Simhas, the Ashwas, the Chandras, the Suryas and the Meenas . When Sibu, the charismatic dancer, dances his way into their hearts, a battle ensues to win over his love. Will Madhumati succeed in winning her love? As the story unfolds, a parallel tale entwines with the saga, the story of the majestic Pashupati, his passion for Ritu and her sisters, and their trials and tribulations as they try to placate the enigmatic Prakriti. Lose yourself in the torrents of antiquity, on an enigmatic epic journey into the past to witness how creation itself unwinds, time ages and love germinates.

It is a nice book. The plot is full of twists and turns. The sequence of events have been described in a very good manner.The story will keep you hooked throughout. The ending is fabulous. I loved the way author narrated the story.

Book Review – It happens only in love

Review –

For being successful you need to have cleared and focused vision. Everyone have these dark phase but surviving and winning attitude is known as live. “It happens only in love” is the story of survival, love, wining and more than how to live a life during difficult circumstances.

Absolutely love is finnest emotions of the earth and this makes you smile and cry and more over that when you are in love you do anything.

Basically story revolves around Aditya who is protoganist of the story. Aditya, suffers from suicidal instincts due to his failures in life. Secondly Ananya who is beautiful, bold and courageous girl and more over that Ananya is journalist which occupational creteria made him bold, truth full and never give up kind of attitude. This part of the book I like the most.

Book is awesome but I’m not satisfied by the book cover. Storytelling is fabulous. Narration skill of the writer is brilliant. Language is easy and understanding.

Review – The intellectual ( part 1 )

Review –

It is a nice book. The plot is full of twists and turns. The sequence of events have been described in a very good manner.
The story will keep you hooked throughout. The ending is fabulous.
I loved the way author narrated the story.

The whole book is based on conversation. Some quotes of the book impact deeply on mind. Swaraj and Najya are the main characters of the book. Book is totally differ from other fiction book. Hole story revolves around life , love, emotions , relationship. Content of the book is totally different from the other fictional types books. Maner of writing story is very interesting. The book fully based on conversation. The author has described everything with the help of conversation in the book.

It is an engrossing read no doubt. This is also a must buy book if you love stories based on dialouges. This is a nice one time read. Languages is not so simple. You can read it if you want a good and entertaining read but language is too tough.

Book Review – Prisoned In Love

Review –

It is a nice book. The plot is full of twists and turns. The sequence of events have been described in a very good manner.
The story will keep you hooked throughout. The ending is fabulous.
I loved the way author narrated the story.

This book is one of the best love stories crime thriller I have ever read. The ending leaves you stunned and jaw-dropped. You won’t be able to guess anything before you reach the end of the book.

The plot revolves around Rayirith Kapoor who was working in Bank of America after completing his MBA in NewYork. Story of love and lost and what makes a man so venerable that makes he do things that are law breaking. Story is very entertaining.

Some parts of the story are dragged on but the buildup to the climax is excellent.
You can’t Leave the book until you complete it

Book Review – The Divine Throne Of Maharani Meeramani

Review –

A beautifully written and taking us back in the era of ‘Maharani Meeramani’. The Book has very good story line. The story telling skills of Author superb. I like historical fiction simply because it’s interesting and I get to know a bit of history. This book is an enthralling way of knowing about Rajputana and about warrior Maharani Meeramani.

Story of Empire, Story of Rajputana, Story of warrior king, Story of his kingdom , Story of his wife Maharani Meeramani. Hole story revolves around the third wife of the king Maharani Meeramani, who is also a warrior. Story of political and social war between the ‘king’ & his ‘queen’ .

It’s a good and engaging read. Really a mesmerizing book. I just couldn’t keep it aside.

Rating – 4/5 ( overall)

Story – 5/5

Narration – 4/5

Cover -3/5

Title – 4/5

Book Review – रूबरू

Review –

‘मंजर हकीकत का हूबहू ताज़ा हो जाता है

जब तुमसे रूबरू होता हूँ ‘

रूबरू होना प्रियंका बंसल की किताब से जिंदगी से रूबरू होना हैं | सुखद अनुभूति होती हैं किताब को पढ़ के |

आज अग्रेंजियत के दौर में, हिन्दी बस साँस ले रही हैं, इस दौर में हिन्दी लिखता हैं जो और पढ़ता हैं जो उसे मैं जिगर वाला मानता हूं और उसके बारे में जान के बेहद खुशी होती हैं |

मैं खुद एक लेखक हूँ और लेखक के लिए हर उस बिते वक्त को लिखने के लिए फिर से उस बिते वक्त को जीना पड़ता है और जब लिखना खुद के जिंदगी में घटे बयानो को हो तो रास्ता और मुश्किल हो जाता है | बीते वक्त का गुजरा जमाना हूबहू ताज़ा हो जाता है |

बाकी आपने जो लिखा है कमाल लिखा है | ‘स्वेटर’ छाप छोड़ती हैं और रोटी कमाने के लिए दूर रह रहे इस बेटे को उसकी माँ की याद दिला देती हैं |

‘हम क्यों लिखते हैं ?’ में आपने हम लेखको की क्यों लिखते हैं ? की बात को बेहद अच्छी तरह से समझाया हैं |

‘सपना’ में आपने जो उकेरा है उस रद्दी वाले बच्चे को वो तंज गहरा हैं |

‘बदनाम गली’ में उस वेश्यावृत्ति वाली गली की हकिकत को बखूबी बयां किया है |

बाकी लेखनी भी आपकी बेहद कमाल हैं | आप के ‘रूबरू’ से मैं रूबरू होने के बाद बहुत गहरा खोया रहा, बहुत कुछ सोचता रहा | अच्छा लिखा है आपने, जो देखा लिख दिया कोई बनावटी पन नहीं, सब हकिकत हैं |

Book Review – The Leader Of Millions

Review –

A political and romantic crime thriller that will keep you on the edge and fast paced. An amazing build up of the characters. The story has political setup at the backdrop. The story about how police are corrupt, system vulnerabilities and relation.

Vijay, Priya,Rakesh,Ishita and Rashmi are the main characters of this book. Whole story revolves around these 5 friends. They fight against injustice in society. Priya and Vijay both love each other from childhood. Vijay is protoganist of the novel and he changed the education system of India.

A good interesting plot and the story was fast paced enough to keep the reader interested. Kept me occupied the whole time,very interesting story and well written.

Overall Rating – 4/5

Cover -4/5

Story -4/5

Narration -4/5

Title – 4/5

Book Review – The Cost Of Love

Review –

Love…Love…love…you will find love everywhere in this book. The Book celebrates life and true love. It is a beautiful and timeless romance novel. The Book makes you feel that love is true, it does exist, and it’s so beautiful. The Book can be finished in 2 or 3 days and I finished in 2 nights. Story told in a gentle way. One of the amazing love stories I’ve ever read.

I am in love with the book. I felt I was a part of it as I read it. I felt the emotions of the characters. Protagonists of the book have very strong characterisation. Author did magic with the book. Aaryan and Aarushi charactersitation in the book is Superbb and also Nikhil

Do you love love ? Do you love love stories? Go for this read. This book is written for you. Language of book is very simple and sweet.

Lastly, I say go for the read. This book is a great love story that says all things about love, definition of love. A must read for all who wants to understand what is love all about.

Rating –

Overall -4.5/5

Story – 5/5

Narration – 5/5

Cover – 4/5

Book Review – The Age Of Aspirations

Review –

This book is for everyone who wishes to become an entrepreneur. It is unique book which is recommended for everyone. The Book starts on a good note. Very easy read. Ajay is the protoganist of book. Book is fully based on engineering, entrepreneurship, it sector. Author elaborates the story brilliantly. Author did his ground reasearch for engineering life elaboration. Book is all about aspirations. I would recommend this book not only to entrepreneurs but to every inquisitive person who wants to understand how time changes Now a days and what in past and what the entrepreneurship actually. Now a days entrepreneurship has craze in Indiann youth. But it is not everyone cup of tea.


Overall – 3/5

Cover -3/5

Story – 3/5

Narration – 3/5