Book Review – The Last Chai

Review –

Outstanding , I felt different emotions waving while going through the literary piece. Pens down a terrific and gripping tale of politics with thriller plot.

Delhi is a hub of politics,New Delhi is an easy target. Ajay Kamate is under a lot of stress and is sent on leave by Doshi, The PM. But he is paranoid for his safety and come back before end of leave. Now the terrorist are using cyanide as their favourite weapon. He has nabbed a young boy who killed Bhardwaj his partner too. They try to get information from him. With a nationalistic PM they want to thwart the progress of India at any cost. The terrorist are using cyanide as their favourite weapon. The amalgamation of the politics with the intelligence and the suspense makes it a perfect “Must Read”.

A story of power, politics, lies and hidden truth, “The last chai” is the perfect diet for a still mind in a lazy afternoon.The book unwraps the diffrent side of the politics with thrill. Descriptive at its best, the book is well-written, informative, well-researched and interesting.


Book Review – The blue jinx

Review –

This was so suspensful! I was on the verge of an anxiety attack many times throughout this book.A few twists and turns, different suspects, red herrings, and then, voila, all is revealed at the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will read more of this author.

The protoganist of the story is Nikhil. Hole story revolves around Nikhil. He selected to work for his dream company. Nikhil fall in love with his boss’s beautiful daughter Samara. But some lies were hidden. Lies which is untold. The psychological thriller story is turmoil between fact and imagination.

This is a fast passed story. It is hard to put down. A page turner if there ever was one. A little long on the initial set up of the plot but still good reading. Superb characters with one of the better plots you will find.Get ready for a sleepless night and that is the best complement I can give to a four star.

Book Review – Bombay Swastika

Review –

Spechless with the content of the book. Totally thrilled to read. Great explanation has been put in to 1964 Mumbai, India. “Bombay Swastika” there is no doubt that this book is thriller package. In this book lot’s of mysterious characters are found. Loved the characters build up. Best thriller book I have ever read. The author keeps you guessing till the end and then is a completely unexpected solutions.

Excellent read, If you are a lover of thriling read then you probably won’t be able to put this book down. I would recommend this book to every thrillers lovers . You are definitely love this type of brillent content.

Book Review – She Was The Story

Review –

I found the story to be quite common. The book “She was the story” is romantic story and author put it in lots of bollywood masala. Story is written in Bollywood style, with flash backs. Raj and Adhira are the main characters of the story and hole story revolves around the both. The story started with the life story of Rajveer. He is a successful actor and do well in his life. Author penned down very about the characters. The character in this story aren’t many more so author describes very well about the characters. Language of the story is very simple. Also author used Hindi at many places in story. I liked the experiment but lot’S of people don’t like.

If you like bollywood types story or love stories then go for the read.

Book Review – Two Angels

Review –

The Book “Two Angels” is all about love and emotions. Author penned down the story very beautifully. I like the characterisation of the book. The story opens up with the death of Esha. Hole story revolves around Arun and Esha. Arun is the protoganist of the story. Esha and Arun both are childhood friend. Arun finds his best friend in Esha. Esha cares every relationship in her life. Hole book is full emotions, love and care. Arun and Esha both teaches the value of love and friendship.

Continuity of the story is superb. Story narration is very interesting and make regular story impressive. The language of the book is simple and can be easily understood. I recommend this book to every readers, specially who are fond of romantic genre.

Book Review – When opposites meet

Review –

‘When opposites meet’ by Sachin garg is an amazing book and I’m quit impressed with the content of the book. The book has been divided into 22 chapters and each chapters has a beautiful story to tell. The author plotted story very well where he showed the love of three different generation. Teenage Love, Young love, as well as Old Love. Also explained the social media power in the plot of the story. I always have curiosity to read such novels and when opposites meet is one of that kind.

Titale is opt, precise and matches with the story. Story written very beautifully by the authors. Cover is well designed, simple and beautifully. The tital itself provides us with the glimpse of Love as an expression of a major emotions.

Book Review – It’s got to be love

Reveiw –

“It’s Got to be Love” is all about love and friendship. Hole story revolves around the college romance. Protagonist Dev falls for Vani who in turn is in love with someone else. Author penned down the this love story very beautifully. I liked the characterisation of both Vaani and Carol keeping the backdrop as romance. The novel depicts the turmoil of Dev’s love life. It also depicts the friendship between Dev, Amrish and Vikram. He meets Vaani through Facebook and a steady friendship develops between them, which soon blossoms into love.However, Vaani turns down Dev, for reasons known only to her. The characters Dev, Amrish, Vikram and Vani are so well portrayed.

The language of the book is simple and can be easily understand. I recommend this book to every readers, specially who are fond of romantic genre and Join Dev on his emotional roller-coaster ride in Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai.

Book Review – Zero debt

Review –

The author pen down the real life experiences in this book. I just liked the way idea was narrated in the book. Language of the book is very easy. I will recommend this book is for Youth. The quotes of the book is also very impressive.

This is the story of man who was crushed under endless EMIs. The Book revolves around disscussing protoganist life and how he started his career.

The Book is wonderful guide to manage personal finance and lead a stress free life on account of financial outcomes.
Finally, I loved this book, well written and Kudos for author who take such a intiative for pen down the real experiences in book.

Book Review – You never know

Reveiw –

“You Never Know” by Akash Verma revolves around the lives of Dhruv, Shalini and Anuradha. It is the story of many who inspite of a blissful married life somewhere down the years fall for the charms of another.Dhruv is the protagonist of the story who works at a company named C&M, his wife Shalini is a psychiatrist & they have 2 kids- Kabir & Siya. As their life was going smoothly Dhruv gets a good news that he is soon to be promoted. Just before the news broke out a new employee Anuradha joins the company in the creative team & unintentionally Dhruv starts to fancy her which is puzzles him from the start . It is more like a Bollywood masala movie with very good characterisation.The romantic thriller is a fast paced, quick read which also has some twists to offer.
“You Never Know” by Akash Verma is a quick and one time read.The bold red cover is enough to attract any reader towards it . Also the title is very apt and goes very well with the story .The story or the plot has nothing very new to offer.The blurb is so enticing that you cannot resist reading the book.The book is fast paced and the language is lucid. The element of suspense will make the reader hook to the story till the end. The characterisation is done very well. The narration is also good. The one after the other events will hook you to the book till the end.

Book Review – Madhumati

Review –

A story is in the form of Poetics style. Very creative step taken by the writer. I’m also a poet and this book is biggest treat for me. It’s a good and engaging read. Really a mesmerizing book. I just couldn’t keep it aside.

Hole story revolves around the young and charming girl madhumati. Madhumati is not alone in this journey, she is blessed with sisters. In pre-colonial India, a land of empires ruled by the Simhas, the Ashwas, the Chandras, the Suryas and the Meenas . When Sibu, the charismatic dancer, dances his way into their hearts, a battle ensues to win over his love. Will Madhumati succeed in winning her love? As the story unfolds, a parallel tale entwines with the saga, the story of the majestic Pashupati, his passion for Ritu and her sisters, and their trials and tribulations as they try to placate the enigmatic Prakriti. Lose yourself in the torrents of antiquity, on an enigmatic epic journey into the past to witness how creation itself unwinds, time ages and love germinates.

It is a nice book. The plot is full of twists and turns. The sequence of events have been described in a very good manner.The story will keep you hooked throughout. The ending is fabulous. I loved the way author narrated the story.