Book Reveiw – Love Beyond 22 Yards

My Take

The plot of ‘Love beyond 22 yards’ revolving around a beautiful relationships between cricketers and actors which stood out and made their mark in the history. In this book a different type of love story between cricket and bollywood. It contains evergreen love stories of 6 couples from different city, places & countries. It’s the true story of great cricketers and their love life. Love Beyond 22 Yards is a collection of immortal, true love stories between cricketers and Bollywood divas, who dared to fight against the world for their love.

Author Sourabh Mukherjee pen down these beautiful love stories by coating them in beautiful way. Author presented their journeys in a visionary way. Author narrated story in beautiful manner. The title of the book is nice and the language is lucid. The cover is average .This book is something that ardent Bollywood and cricket fans will definitely cherish. I’d recommend this book to love readers, cricket lovers and romance enthusiast.

Story – 4/5

Narration – 4/5

Cover -3/5

Title – 4/5


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