Book Review – Hindola

Review –

Welcome! In the world of musical love story. Hindola is basically the name of a musical instrument and also a festival celebrated in the Hindu religion. It refers to the decorative swings that are prepared with items such as clothes, food and are colourful. But here Hindola is a book and it is a combo of music and love basically it is musical love story which is unimaginable. Hindola is all about Alok and Revati. Alok meets Revati , ends up falling in love with her, their journet of ups and downs. Revati is a nurse. Alok moves to a city for finding his inspirational story. He meets Revati. Both find their soulmate in each other. Alok finds his inspirational story and Revati finds her voice. Author used the language of the book musical( ha.. Ha.. Ha.. You think what is musical language… I’m just joking…) . Language of the story is simple and easily understable. Cover of the book speaks all about the journey and emptiness of Revati’s life. But the author has lost his grip in narration at parts. Authors have their own mind sets when then pen down his/her story in papers. And this is an honest story where the soul purpose of the story was not entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. If you love ,love stories then you will love this book.

Cover – 4/5

Story – 3/5

Narration – 2/5

Title – 3/5

Overall – 3/5


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