Book Review – Inside The Heart Of Hope

Rating – 3.5/5 (overall)

Cover – 4/5

Tital – 4/5

Story – 3/5

Narration – 4/5

Review –

Rick puri, Lisa, Amy, Jacob, shushan, Mr. And Mrs. Johnson are the main characters in the novel ‘inside the heart of hope ‘ Hero Rick suffers from a serious heart problem. The concept is a real one turned into a fictional story. Full of emotions. When life keeps throwing you challenges, sometimes it seems to come to a halt and often we don’t know what to do.Rick goes to through a similar situation but he doesn’t accept defeat. This book potrays the determination one should have to go ahead in life when it seems to be in troubled waters. This makes one emotional. If you are a reader who connects to emotional stories then this one is for you for sure. Narration is amazing with good charactersitation and an emotional plot. In short Rishab cooked up a nice story full of emotions.


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