Book Review – Psycon (English) 

Rating – 4/5 (overall)

Cover – 4/5

Tital –    4/5

Story –  4/5

Narration – 4/5

Review –
 I like reading books with political background and this being a political crime thriller is like cherry on the cake. The story is about corruption and black money. The pace at which the story goes is amazing. The writers command on the characters is commendable. The plot thrills you and gives goosebumps as you turn the pages.
The story is about politics where Sundarlaal is the leader of ruling party. Prateek and Yashwardhan work the ruilng party. Their work is to gather funds for political parties, which they do under the name “psycon” .The story gets interesting from the point where an important character Achhelal Yadav and 6 influential businessmen who funds the ruilng party, gets kidnapped.
Where did they go??

Did  Achhelal Yadav and the 6 men die??

To know the answers for these questions, read this amazing book ‘psycon’
The book is interesting with all the twists and turns. Overall this is an amazing read with twists and turns throughout the book.


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