Book Review – Chronux ( English) 

Rating – 4/5 ( Overall )





Review –

Chronux by Sagar sampath is a sci-fi mixed with streaks of mythology, history and thrill. The book takes you on a rollercoaster ride from the era of Mahabharata to the cosmos in the future. But if you are a slow reader and not a serious one about reading the ride is going to be bumpy one because this book is a long on of 475 pages which may bore you if you are newbie to reading.
Coming to the plot it is quite interesting and makes you turn the page. The amount of research that went into the novel is immense and one could sense it while reading. The facts about world war 2 and the prehistoric era almost seem as you are experiencing them. 

The story mainly revolves around chronux, time. The obsession of man to be able to slip into time is aptly described in the book.

The cover looks amazing but one can not comprehend it untill they reach halfway through the novel. The blurb gives a sneak peak into the story which seems interesting.

The narration is absolutely amazing and kind of makes you feel that you are being told the story by someone.


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