Book Review – White Smoke (English) 

Rating – 4/5 ( Overall )




Review –

The book white smoke revolves around the five characters mainly Virat , Payal, Arjun , Mahi and inspector Mathur.
The first one is a troubled love story of Virat and Payal who breaks up when Virat stumbles on a angelic looking girl’s photograph in an unpublished novel. He falls in love with her in the same instant and this leads to the break up of Virat-Payal. Who is the girl in the photograph and will Virat’s love for the girl in the photograph succeed?? You have to find this for yourself!!
The second is also a love story, it is Arjun and Mahi’s story where Arjun is drug addict and the son of millionaire. Arjun falls for Mahi and he tries to woo her by his arrogant behavior but only to land in trouble. Mahi saves him and they becomes friends. Will their friendship flourish into love and if yes then what happens after is interesting to read!!
The third story where an inspector Mathur tries to solve the murder mystery of three influential business families. Will he find the culprit?? Could anyone in the first two stories be the one behind the myster ?? Find it for yourself!!!
The plot is interesting and the narration too flows smoothly but the too many police reports might break the flow.
The cover looks vibrant but the title doesn’t fall in place with the plot.
Overall this is an engaging read with good suspense.


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