Book Reveiw – Love Beyond 22 Yards

My Take

The plot of ‘Love beyond 22 yards’ revolving around a beautiful relationships between cricketers and actors which stood out and made their mark in the history. In this book a different type of love story between cricket and bollywood. It contains evergreen love stories of 6 couples from different city, places & countries. It’s the true story of great cricketers and their love life. Love Beyond 22 Yards is a collection of immortal, true love stories between cricketers and Bollywood divas, who dared to fight against the world for their love.

Author Sourabh Mukherjee pen down these beautiful love stories by coating them in beautiful way. Author presented their journeys in a visionary way. Author narrated story in beautiful manner. The title of the book is nice and the language is lucid. The cover is average .This book is something that ardent Bollywood and cricket fans will definitely cherish. I’d recommend this book to love readers, cricket lovers and romance enthusiast.

Story – 4/5

Narration – 4/5

Cover -3/5

Title – 4/5


Book Review – The Game Of Secrets

Reveiw –
Saurish hegde keeps the pace swift and the twists exciting. Readers definetly liked this speculative thriller in one sitting [as will] those who enjoy roller-coaster reads. Suspenseful, frightening, and sometimes poignant * Kirkus * Excellent characterization and well-crafted tension . A mind-blowing sci-fi/suspense/love-story mash-up.

Nishanth shetty is a son of a successful bussinessman owning a chain of hispitals. He is an upcoming oncologist in the city of Mangaluru. Although he is the heir to his father’s chain of hospitals in the city and all over the country, Nishanth wants to carve a path of his own and do something for the greater good.For this, he enlists the help of Kashyap, a local politician, with the aim of fighting the election and being a messiah for the underprivileged. Kashyap forms a party with his help and funds.

He meets Navya at first time in a party and is madly in love with her. He is very serious about their relationship, but a call from Dr.Ramdas,a scientist, changes everything in his life. Ramdas, asking him to be a part of an experiment he is conducting that would change the world healthcare. A little apprehensive about the project, Nishanth agrees to visit Ramdas on the condition that he would only participate if he found this super confidential experiment worth. Therefore, he breaks up with Navya, tells his parents about his imminent journey to Europe and leaves.

The short chapters and a to-the-point storyline . I would recommend this book to all those who are diehard fans of mystery and suspense along with elements of romance.

Book Review – The Aryabhata Clan

Reveiw –

Truly awesome storytelling effort by Sudipto Das. The story is totally gripping, not leaving till you finish the book fully. Awesome read after a long time. Writing style is simply awesome. Simple yet elegant. The book starts with a bang, and being an edge of seat thriller. Not to mention the amount of background work the author has done to give us such a visual treat.

Sudipto Das is really an amazing storyteller and writer who blends history with the present. Story revolves around the characters like Afsar and Kubha. Totally amazed how this brave young woman survives the inhuman tortures and how perfectly she handles the situation.

This book is treat for fans who really like contemporary historical thrillers.

Book Review – The Wild Cat

Review –

I really liked the concept behind this book. A Book with chilling thriller plot and with lot’s of twist and turns.

Book ‘The Wild Cat’ written by Taanya Sharma is a cyber crime thriller. Story revolves around Tanya life. Tanya introduced to a new app called i Voice by her friend. Slowly Tanya intered in internet life. Slowly Tanya trapped in cyber crime. How Tanya escapes from the trap of crime.

Overall, engaging plot with lot’s drama. The content of the book is enjoyable, thrilling and with unthinkable end. Narration style is also superb.

Book Review – Wedding Pickle


‘Wedding pickel’ by Neha sharma is a book that every girl can relates. The story of the book revolves around a young and independent women Avni. Avni quite happy in her small world. Avni is almost 24 years old girl who is not ready for marrige. But destiny always plays thier own cards. Same in the Avni case, Avni destiny has its own plans. Siddharth enters in Avni life. Then hole scenario of her life will changed.

I love the cover of the book. Cover of the book speaks every things about story. Book is fast paced. Story of the book describes the issues and problems of women in daily life. Book strongly portrayed the impact of female characters.

Book Review – Pinto has an idea


I amazed by the cover which represents the human where upper half face of a man was covered with machine parts and another normal human face which reflects Pinto’s character and mild background colour in cover makes it more beautiful,simple and speakable.Plot of the story is different from other books.

‘Pinto has an idea’ is a fiction tale which is revolve around Rajat Srivastava aka Pinto (Short of Pintoo). Pintoo was a very brilliant student since the beginning. He is brilliant from birth and despite studying in small towns like Orai he has keen knowledge of science.Book gives away the idea of common problems one had to face in villages and small towns. He goes to USA and then come back.The author pointed out the problems of our country (society) and its norms with proper description.Book gives away the idea of common problems one had to face in villages and small towns.This book describes struggles of pinto, his intelligence and his hunger for knowledge.

I like the writing style of the author. I recommend this for all the readers, especially those who are from technology, logical field. This is gonna be an enthralling view for them.

Book Review – Hacklyf

Review –

Nice book, concentrates on only one thing that is “the power of subconscious mind” and nothing more. This is the book that gives you the energy and the development of the thinking necessary to achieve ones goals. It gives you information on how to develop the thinking process and mindset to achieve something.

Hacklyf is an honest attempt to help people who want to live an exceptional life but is clueless amidst all the chaos. It`s an unchallenged fact that “Motivation never lasts”, and that is where this book will come in handy. Some chapters have an activity mentioned towards the end. These activities make you ponder about your dreams, your goals and your plans to achieve them. I believe such exercises are necessary for self-introspection.The little questionairres help you priortize and focus on your goals or where one is going wrong.The book contained twenty nine chapters within it. The quotes at the end of each chapter is another great section that I loved.

The narration is done in simple English.The book was so inspirational and i think its the best book for motivation. I just loved the book.This is a very good inspirational book. It will definitely change the way you think. I firmly believe that the methods described in the book can make anybody who follows them extremely successful.

Book Review – The Last Chai

Review –

Outstanding , I felt different emotions waving while going through the literary piece. Pens down a terrific and gripping tale of politics with thriller plot.

Delhi is a hub of politics,New Delhi is an easy target. Ajay Kamate is under a lot of stress and is sent on leave by Doshi, The PM. But he is paranoid for his safety and come back before end of leave. Now the terrorist are using cyanide as their favourite weapon. He has nabbed a young boy who killed Bhardwaj his partner too. They try to get information from him. With a nationalistic PM they want to thwart the progress of India at any cost. The terrorist are using cyanide as their favourite weapon. The amalgamation of the politics with the intelligence and the suspense makes it a perfect “Must Read”.

A story of power, politics, lies and hidden truth, “The last chai” is the perfect diet for a still mind in a lazy afternoon.The book unwraps the diffrent side of the politics with thrill. Descriptive at its best, the book is well-written, informative, well-researched and interesting.

Book Review – The blue jinx

Review –

This was so suspensful! I was on the verge of an anxiety attack many times throughout this book.A few twists and turns, different suspects, red herrings, and then, voila, all is revealed at the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will read more of this author.

The protoganist of the story is Nikhil. Hole story revolves around Nikhil. He selected to work for his dream company. Nikhil fall in love with his boss’s beautiful daughter Samara. But some lies were hidden. Lies which is untold. The psychological thriller story is turmoil between fact and imagination.

This is a fast passed story. It is hard to put down. A page turner if there ever was one. A little long on the initial set up of the plot but still good reading. Superb characters with one of the better plots you will find.Get ready for a sleepless night and that is the best complement I can give to a four star.

Book Review – Bombay Swastika

Review –

Spechless with the content of the book. Totally thrilled to read. Great explanation has been put in to 1964 Mumbai, India. “Bombay Swastika” there is no doubt that this book is thriller package. In this book lot’s of mysterious characters are found. Loved the characters build up. Best thriller book I have ever read. The author keeps you guessing till the end and then is a completely unexpected solutions.

Excellent read, If you are a lover of thriling read then you probably won’t be able to put this book down. I would recommend this book to every thrillers lovers . You are definitely love this type of brillent content.